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Crawley & District Metal Detecting Group is an established club, originally founded in 2006 and has a strict membership limit of 30 members and we can limit the number of attendees at any of our digs as members must state there intention to attened. We can also increase the number of persons attending by inviting other clubs in the area to join us if necessary.

As a club We are constantly looking to build new relationships with farmers and landowners that maybe able to assist in the success of the club by granting permission to access land, fields or pastures in the area of Surrey & Sussex.

We meet once every two weeks either on a Saturday or Sunday. At each of our digs we collect a nominal fee of 5.00 (negotiable) from each attending member which is given to the landowner or person granting permission as a gift to do with as they deem fit.

All of our members hold 5,000,000 liability insurance and are members of the NCMD (National Council for Metal Detecting) or the FID (Federation of independent Detectorists).

We abide by the guidelines set by The Countryside Code, the National Council for Metal Detecting and the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Our club rules are simple, leave nothing but footprints and refill any holes.

© Crawley & District Metal Detecting Group

How we operate

We will never turn up unannounced, all our club digs are arranged in advance with the landowner or farmer at a time that is convenient.

As a group we will listen to your instructions and members will follow any guidelines that you may set down, at each of the digs there will be leader assigned it will either be the Club Captain, Chairman or Membership Secretary and we will ensure our members adhere to your rules and guidelines. Anyone not following instruction or filling holes correctly will be asked to leave.

The vast majority of are finds are of are rubbish or junk, we take everything away and clear away a lot of sharp objects that could be harmful to livestock and large pieces of iron etc that can be damaging to farm machinery. Occasionally we may find something of interest and we invite you to look at our findings which will give you an insight in the history of the land. If you fancy giving detecting a go yourself or any of your family or friends then we always have a spare detectors or two.

To discuss further please email or follow the link to the contacts page for full contact details.

Finding, Recording & Preserving The History Beneath Our Feet